Welcome to ChurchCRM setup wizard

System Prerequisite

This server isn't quite ready for ChurchCRM. If you know what you are doing. Click here.

Useful Server Info

Max file upload size 10M
Max POST size 20M
PHP Memory Limit 128M

Install Location

Root path of your ChurchCRM installation ( THIS MUST BE SET CORRECTLY! )


If you will be accessing from http://www.yourdomain.com/churchcrm then you would enter '/churchcrm' here.
If you will be accessing from http://www.yourdomain.com then you leave this field blank.


SHOULD Start with slash.
SHOULD NOT end with slash.
It is case sensitive.

This is the URL that you prefer most users use when they log in. These are case sensitive.

MySQL Database Setup

Use localhost over
Default MySQL Port is 3306
Must have permissions to create tables and views
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